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SHIELD B12 SM (K12 Crash Rated Shallow Mounted Road Blockers)

Shallow mounted Road Blockers

Shield B12 SM

Brosis Shield B12 SM is a shallow Mount type hydraulically driven road blocker which requires maximum 400 mm excavation depth for shallow mount installation. SHEILD B12 SM uses clever linkage to open and close, not only does this provide much smoother, quieter operation than chain driven blockers. It also protects the potentially vulnerable hydraulic ram during impact.

Drainage system is provided so that accumulated dirt and water can be drained out and hence does not affect the mechanism of road blocker and its working efficiency.

Special Features:

- Substantially reduces installation time, cost and disruption.
- Can be installed where foundation depths cause problems.
- Made from finest material and built to highest standards.
- Due to its folding design, these can be installed with little civil work.
- Easily serviceable.
- Housing and body are galvanized followed by anti-UV raise epoxy paint which makes it corrosion resistant.
- Manufactured and designed for intensive use.
- Will serve many years of trouble-free service when used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.