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SHIELD B12 (K12 Crash Rated Road Blockers)

Anti-Ram Road Blockers

Shield B12

Brosis SHEILD B12 Hydraulic road blockers are rated as most secure solution to minimize the destruction of the suicide truck bombings. It offers maximum security for extremely sensitive entry points against unauthorized vehicles of all sizes and weights.

It can stop vehicle of 7.2 ton travelling at the speed of 50mph (80 km/hr) and met requirements for M50: P1 rating as per ASTM F2656 (2018) standard equivalent to D/6800/88/90/2032 of BSI PAS 68 (2013) and D/6800/[N2B]/88/90:0.00 of ISO IWA 14-2 (2013).

Drainage system is provided so that accumulated dirt and water can be drained out and hence does not affect the mechanism of road blocker and its working efficiency for years.


- Intensive use with 100% duty cycle.
- Manual hand pump facility
- Anti-slip / skid road surface plate.
- Manufactured from high tensile structural steel.
- Flexibility to integrate with all other access control system.
- Warning LED lights on front face.