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Anti-Ram sliding gate


Brosis KAVACH B12 crash sliding gate is designed & engineered to provide high level of security against unauthorized vehicle access. The product is able to accept any architectural enhancement over and above its standard construction; therefore it lends itself to the continuation of any high security fencing specification, powered fence or security toppings across the normally vulnerable entrance to a site.

The gate is available in variable heights, clear opening/widths, infill types as per requirement.

Features & benefits:

- Two drive options are available - standard sliding gate rack drive system with integral logic control panel, or a heavy duty drive unit including a programmable logic controller
- Gates can be controlled manually or automatically by a variety of interfaces
- Available with a wide variety of welded mesh or vertical bar infills
- Safe operation
- Reliable and dependable
- Strength and durability
- Typically used in locations where a high security profile is of utmost priority such as defense sites, government offices, Embassies, utilities, police stations, research and development centers, other critical sites.