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Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever Sliding Gate

Brosis cantilevered sliding gate

Brosis cantilevered sliding gate system is based on the principles of counter balancing. The gate slides on carriages,which are fixed on a concrete block located on the push back side. According to the opening position of the gate, thecarriages are in contact with either the upper or the lower part of the track to ensure a perfect balance.

Special Features

- No steel track on the ground
- No concrete tie-beam is required to install or support the track.
- The only construction work consists in the concrete block located on the push back side.
- No risk of wear or deformation of the track due to the passage of lorries.
- No risk of ground deformation due to the weather changes.
- No obstruction of the track trough dust, gravel, stone chips.
- Polyamide nylon rollers hold the gate vertically and support movement of gate to run in line and reduce noise and vibration during operation.
- The gate can be installed on a non-stabilized ground (grass, gravel, mould…) and unsealed surfaces, and are extremely reliable.
- Compared to sliding gates, minimal disruption is caused to the site during installation.
- They are easier to safeguard when automating and can be set up to completely avoid closing on an obstruction
- They are aesthetically appealing; their efficient design will impress owners, visitors and customers visiting your property.
- The gate is available in variable heights, clear opening / widths, in fill types as per requirement.