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Telescopic Sliding Gate

Telescopic Sliding Gate

telescopic sliding system

Brosis provide options where space is limited and a sliding gates is required .The gates are manufactured so that two or three leafs of sliding gates are installed onto the one side and slide in a staggered format towards the closing position. A telescopic sliding system is the perfect solution for gates where the run-back area is less to install a double swing gate or where the side space is less for a standard sliding gate. Our concept is the easiest and cheapest solution to build a reliable telescopic automatic sliding gate. Telescopic sliding gates use a block and rail guide system, required two tracks and one automatic operator.

Special Features

- High opening and closing speed as compared to other sliding gates.
- Long life with minimum maintenance.
- Suitable for very large openings.
- Perfect for the sites where there is little run back space available than opening of gate.
- Reliable and economical electrical drive units with almost silent operation.
- Bottom wheels of gate and bottom rail are made of special EN series high quality for good ductility and shock resistance.
- The gate is available in variable heights, clear opening / widths, infill types as per requirement.