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Tyre killer

Spike B150C

Brosis Tyre Killer SPIKE B150C are designed and manufactured from heavy duty structural steel in both Flat type / Hump type with drive units both electromechanical and hydraulic. It can easily puncture all types of tyres. It has been designed keeping in mind uncompromised security, durability and reliability with a capacity to withstand 50 ton of axle load capacity.


- Available in both Flat type & Hump type.
- Galvanised against resist to corrosion followed by epoxy paint considering harsh weather conditions.
- Blocking width from 2-6 m
- Height of spike above ground 150mm
- Axle bearing load capacity 50 Tons.
- Manual release in case of power failure.
- Functionality remains same with 100% duty cycle irrespective of drive units.
- Can be integrated with any access control system.