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Tyre killer

Spike B150T

Brosis Tyre Killer SPIKE B150T is two way tyre killer / spike barrier which is specially designed to secure entry where vehicles used to pass from entry/exit. Spike B150T comprise of set of hollow spikes which act as fail-safe puncture tool capable of bringing a vehicle to complete halt without harming passengers.  
The Hollow spikes have been engineered to ensure that a vehicle will be disabled irrespective of its moving direction. It can puncture tyres of vehicles of all types & sizes.


- Stop vehicle by damaging tyre of vehicles whether coming from entry or exit.
- Can be integrated and operated with any access control system.
- Blocking height of spike from 90 – 150 mm
- Blocking width from 2-6 m
- Galvanized followed by epoxy coating keeping in mind harsh weather conditions.
- Manual operation facility available.